Can Molecular Hydrogen Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth?

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is the leading cause of death throughout the world. Furthermore, it is predicted that by 2030, cancer cases will increase to 23.6 million.

In the United States, many treatment options are available for different forms of cancer. Depending on the severity and stage of cancer, radiation therapy may be required. Although this treatment saves many lives, it causes several side effects that affect the quality of life. These side effects include nausea, vomiting, skin problems and more.

A study involving patients with liver cancer found that molecular hydrogen ( water can improve the quality of life during radiation treatments. Hydrogen water does this by decreasing effects caused by oxidative stress without ruining the therapeutic benefits of radiation treatments.

Moreover, another study published in Experimental Oncology shows that the use of hydrogen-enriched water can repress the growth of cancer cells.

The Research

In this study, research on molecular hydrogen’s potential as a powerful antioxidant is noted.

Molecular hydrogen is also an intuitive molecule that has great potential when it comes to oxidation stress. Additionally, tumor cells produce reactive oxygen species (ROS), which causes oxidation stress.

What is ROS?

ROS are unstable oxygen species that contain one unpaired valence electron. This is important because electrons prefer to be in pairs. When ROS and other oxygen-containing molecules known as free radicals enter the body, they attempt to steal electrons from healthy cells.

This interaction causes cell damage and death. Moreover, it causes oxidation stress.

What is Oxidation Stress?

Oxidation stress is the cause or contributor to every human disease. Furthermore, oxidation causes issues like pain and inflammation. This decreases healthspan.

How Does H2 Eliminate Oxygen Stress?

Because molecular hydrogen contains two hydrogen molecules, it donates one to ROS and free radicals. In one example, one hydrogen atom (H) combines with an oxygen and hydrogen molecule (OH-). This completes the formula for H2O. Thus, H2 neutralizes free radicals, turning them into harmless water.

Additionally, molecular hydrogen repairs cell damage and prevents the production of free radicals.

Hydrogen Water and Cancer Cells

In the Experimental Oncology study, researchers used hydrogen-rich water on oral cancer cells. They used plain water as a control.

While the plain water did not have substantial effects, hydrogen-enriched water successfully repressed the growth of cancer cells. Moreover, researchers observed H2 seeking cancerous cells over healthy cells.

Molecular hydrogen is an extremely intuitive molecule. Along with its ability to eliminate oxidation straight, it affects cell signaling and prompts responses from several protective mechanisms within the body.

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