Drinking Perfect Hydrogen Rich Water

Hydrogen Rich Water

You’ve been hearing about the powerful benefits of hydrogen water. A natural antioxidant, molecular hydrogen can penetrate to the cellular level of the body, aiding in the elimination of toxic free radicals that make you sick and accelerate aging.

Free radicals have a natural enemy in molecular hydrogen. Free radicals are starved for that extra electron that hydrogen provides. The resulting bond of the free radical and hydrogen creates water. This environment allows the immune system to operate at full efficiency and helps heal your body.

Water is an easy way to get hydrogen into your system. However, molecular hydrogen water can be consumed in many ways. There are magnesium tablets, water ionizers, and water infusers. These all produce hydrogen in different ways and provide different results.

Magnesium tablets are dropped in water to create a reaction that releases hydrogen into the water. This simple chemical reaction will produce hydrogen with minimal effort. However, you will also consume more magnesium than may be recommended by a doctor. Additionally it does not produce a lot of hydrogen. In fact a therapeutic dose may require several gallons of drinking water to be effective. Much of this is dependent on the quality of tablets, but more importantly the quality of the water in which you put them.

Water Ionizers work by applying an electrical current to the water, otherwise known as electrolysis, to release the hydrogen into the water. This produces more hydrogen than the magnesium tablets. However, it is still a relatively small dose. Many people drink this water and report they don’t feel the benefits as they should. This leads them to believe hydrogen is not effective, but this is because the amount of gas produced is ineffective. Electrolysis is not an effective way to create a therapeutic dose of molecular hydrogen. Perhaps the worst part is that the taste is poor. This is generally due to the electrodes and materials used in electrolysis leaving residual metals in the water.

The most effective way to consume hydrogen water is through infusion. This requires a small hydrogen generator that produces hydrogen gas in an enclosed system and then pumps that gas through an infusion stone into your drinking water. The generator can infuse an enormous amount of hydrogen gas into the water, making an extremely effective dose in just a few minutes. Generators can produce as much as 100 times more molecular hydrogen into a glass of water in the same amount of time as an ionizer. The added bonus is that it does not change the taste of the water or add other minerals or metals to your water. The infuser stone is all that is in contact with your water.

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