How To Use

The following videos will show you how to setup and use your HydroGenie when you receive it. Should you have any additional questions please refer to your user’s manual, use the Contact Form, or give us a call at (646) 849-9099.

The HydroGenie is designed with safety in mind. Please only use with 120v (or 220v for international) household power sockets. Make sure that the HydroGenie unit is a on a firm surface during use, such as a table, counter or floor. Use extension hoses to reach the user when they cannot sit at a table or counter near the HydroGenie. Use only distilled water. Note all cautions and warnings and only use as directed in the Operation Manual.

HydroGenie Wish: Wish Videos

For videos of the original HydroGenie, please click here.

Unpacking the HydroGenie

Setup & First Use Instructions

HydroGenie Accessories

Refill the HydroGenie

Using the Cannula

Using the HydroGenie

Using a Baggie for Gas Application

Using the Applicator Cup

Using the Goggles