Increase Your Healthspan


We all want to live a long, satisfying life. The HydroGenie can help you achieve this. By delivering molecular hydrogen to the cells of the body, the HydroGenie increases your healthspan.

What is Healthspan?

You can live a long life but if a marked time in that life involves battling different ailments, your remaining years come with the price of pain and suffering. Healthspan is more important than lifespan because it is a measure of the time you spend free of serious disease.

Thanks to advances in medical technology, we are living longer. However, an increase in years comes with a price of poorer health. Many people are living out the last years of their lives in nursing homes, coping with chronic and degenerative conditions. That is why it is so critical to focus on healthspan as opposed to lifespan. Increasing your healthspan allows you to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest life.

Use the HydroGenie to Increase Healthspan

Along with a balanced diet, proper sleep and regular exercise, the HydroGenie can help increase your healthspan. Molecular hydrogen is a very powerful antioxidant that has been shown to prevent and alleviate a myriad of health ailments. Studies show molecular hydrogen has the potential to alleviate symptoms in several diseases that affect healthspan, as well as lifespan.

Two of the leading causes of death in the United States are cardiovascular disease and stroke. Research published in Oncotarget touted molecular hydrogen’s “promising” benefits as a therapy for various maladies, including cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, a study published in Medical Gas Research found potential in using molecular hydrogen as a safe therapy for ischemic stroke, along with other brain disorders.

You can find more information on molecular hydrogen studies by visiting the Research section of this website.

Molecular Hydrogen and Free Radicals

One of the reasons that molecular hydrogen has the ability to combat so many different illnesses is its ability to neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that contain unpaired electrons. Because electrons prefer to be in pairs, free radicals forage through the body to find another valence electron. This places the body under attack, leading to oxidation stress. Oxidation stress is the cause or contributor to every human disease. Although healthy cells are able to manage a certain level of oxidation stress, over time free radicals can cause inflammation, pain, cell death, and disease.

All of these things negatively affect your healthspan. But molecular hydrogen produced by the HydroGenie can undo this damage. Molecular hydrogen is a powerful and selective antioxidant. When you consume molecular hydrogen delivered by the Hydrogenie — either by drinking hydrogen water, inhalation of molecular hydrogen gas or direct application of molecular hydrogen gas — H2 neutralizes free radicals.

It does this by donating one hydrogen atom to the free radical, completing the formula for H2o and turning free radicals into harmless water.

This is no gimmick. Along with science-backed research, several customers are currently enjoying the miracle-like benefits that the HydroGenie has to offer. Order yours today!