Survivalist Medicine – Sickness and Disease Prevention

To those of us who believe in being prepared its not in our game plan to leave things to chance. We know that the first step to self-sufficiency is to understand as many of the potential situations as we can, making sure that we take steps to prepare for the moments when they could actually happen.

Perhaps the most unpredictable situations have to do with your health. It’s not hard to find medical first-aid kits for bug-in and bug-out survival, and creating some basic health kits with vitamins, supplements, basic medicines, and water treatments is very easy and economical to do.

But what about more difficult circumstances, such as heart problems, joint pain, diabetes, arthritis and diseases? In a prolonged disaster its likely you would run out of medication, and getting to a doctor may be impossible. What is your backup plan?

As with many things in our society, it comes down to our own independence and resolve to handle these situations because we haven’t been given all the facts by government or our larger healthcare community. Surprise, surprise (with sarcasm) there is some very important education that can open your eyes to mitigate your own health problems when necessary. Whether you are in survival mode or not, people with very serious medical conditions have an option which is completely natural and to which most of us were never educated.

The answer is molecular hydrogen.

What Makes You Sick?

Free radicals in your body cause most disease and health problems. Free radicals have a free electron and that is what makes them so dangerous in the body. Imagine an apple slice that is fresh cut. It turns brown after a few minutes of exposure to the air. That is oxidation stress. Free radicals do exactly the same thing to our body as they create oxidation stress and inflict severe damage to our cells and DNA.

Modern anti-oxidant supplements do a poor job of eliminating most free radicals at the cellular level because the molecules are too big to pass through cell walls. Hydrogen is not only the most abundant element in the universe, but it is also the smallest and can penetrate nearly any material. In our bodies, it can penetrate all the way to the DNA in the cells.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is able to supply the additional electron that free radicals want and neutralize them, with the end result being water. With the oxidation stress neutralized the immune system can operate at peak efficiency, easily doing the job it was meant to do such as fighting infections, disease, and promoting healing.

Molecular hydrogen gas, whether infused in drinking water, breathed through cannula, or applied directly to an affected area can bring relief from pain and inflammation, as well as promote healing – even in the most extreme situations.

As an example, the photo above is from a woman working on her farm who suffered a severed finger and several crushed fingers in a machine accident. After emergency re-attachment surgery, she applied molecular hydrogen gas directly to her surgical location using a plastic bag to enclose her hand with the gas. The “After” shows the incredible healing results after 2 weeks, and included her not needing to take addictive pain medication as she healed.

Molecular hydrogen can ease a wide range of maladies, and also be a key tool to keeping you and your family healthy when there are no medical professionals or medication available.

Molecular-Hydrogen Generation Options

The trouble with most hydrogen-creating products on the market is that they treat water with tablets or they ionize water before you drink it. The biggest issue is that you often will ingest other products such as heavy amounts of magnesium from the tablets, or metals from the electrolysis process. The second big problem is that you will not ingest enough hydrogen from the water to make a significant difference to your health outcome.

To get the maximum effect from Hydrogen you need a hydrogen generator that gives you multiple modes to use hydrogen in your body.

  1. Water Infusion: The hydrogen generator will infuse as much as 500 times the hydrogen into a glass of water than what tablets or an ionizer will produce in the same amount of time.
  2. Inhalation of hydrogen during sleep or rest, or while taking a break, using nasal cannula: This is the most effective method, as you will take in as much as 3500 times the amount of hydrogen you get from a glass of hydrogen-infused water.
  3. Direct Applicator: This will target areas of pain to introduce gas right to the affected area quickly, neutralizing pain and stiffness naturally.

A single machine that allows you to do all of these things is the ideal solution. And when there is no doctor and no medication available, you will need the ultimate weapon.

Tried and Tested

This form of health protection is not new. The Japanese have conducted over 300 studies that show molecular hydrogen greatly improves health outcomes across a wide spectrum of serious health conditions. Machines in that country cost as much as $3,000 and are used in health clinics and hospitals throughout Japan.

Our hydrogen generator, the HydroGenie, was created to provide effective relief using the science behind eliminating oxidation stress. In the process we have had dozens of customers tell us how much it has helped them when the doctor could no longer give them relief. And we know that when the SHTF we need that kind of support as well.

It does require electricity to operate, so those who are prepared with generators or other backup forms of electricity will be able to use it as needed.

Hear what our customers have said about the HydroGenie. It’s Made in America by American workers and comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Try it at home and begin taking control of your health.

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