The War On Oxidation Stress

Oxidation stress is a key component to much of the illness and disease you suffer in your body. But you can fight back against the pain, inflammation, and low energy that is holding you back from a full and healthy life.

Free radicals attack your cells and mitochondria, wreaking havoc on your health. Most anti-oxidant supplements do not neutralize free radicals effectively, and many can make the problem worse.

Molecular Hydrogen represents a natural and highly effective anti-oxidant. Hydrogen molecules attack and neutralize free radicals by bonding with their oxygen molecules, turning them to water.

The HydroGenie produces molecular hydrogen for use through inhalation, drinking water, or direct application. The hydrogen quickly bonds with free radicals, removing oxidation stress and providing quick relief.

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How It Works

The HydroGenie offers three different methods to receive molecular hydrogen gas.


Drinking Molecular
Hydrogen-Enriched Water

Utilizes quick absorption
through stomach lining

Molecular Hydrogen available
in blood at fingertips in 30

Higher pH water (8.6)

High level of
Potential (ORP)


Inhalation of Molecular
Hydrogen Gas

Utilizes ultra-efficient gas
transmission of Respiratory
System directly to blood

Molecular Hydrogen available immediately for circulation throughout the body.

Use commonly available Cannula

Attach a Nasal Cannula or Mask and breath normally for duration of session


direct application of
molecular hydrogen gas
to pain location

for quick results

for acute pain

Fast Pain Relief
in as little as
10 minutes


Before the HydroGenie I could barely make it up a flight of stairs. I’d have to pause and wait until I had enough energy to complete the flight of stairs. Once I started using the HydroGenie I did not have that problem anymore!

Mary Lu H.

York, PA

Using the HydroGenie I felt immediately like I didn’t need my pain meds anymore. And the healing process was just amazing! Matter of fact when I went back to the doctor two weeks later he was just amazed at how well I looked.

Trish L.

Alpena, AR