Watch below what several of our customers have said about the HydroGenie.

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Fibromyalgia – Stiff Muscles – Bulging Discs in Back – Pale Complexion – Fatigue


Amputation Re-attachment Healing – Surgical Healing with very little scarring – Significantly reduced pain


Lyme Disease – Neuropathy – Fatigue – Toe Discoloration


A Life Saved

The event documented below took place in the hills of New Jersey, just outside of New York City, on Sunday, August 28th, 2016, told exactly as it happened – Ed Wunder:

After receiving an email that someone was in danger of death, the assistance of the HydroGenie® was offered to his wife, who happens to be an MD (Medical Doctor). She accepted, and we arranged a time to bring the machine over.

Over 10 hours were spent that day at that home.  This man spent 9+ hours inhaling HydroGenie gas (Brown’s Gas) through a nasal cannula – and the most remarkable changes transpired during that time.

Upon arrival, he did in fact appear to be very close to death.  I honestly thought I was too late to make a difference; his condition was that severe.   He was ashen, largely unresponsive (in and out of consciousness), mouth-breathing, had started to have difficulty swallowing (a common occurrence with dying patients), and was not eating anything. His wife told me later that evening that when I arrived she had been thinking he wouldn’t live another 24 hours.

I hooked him up to the HydroGenie with the nasal cannula right away, although his mouth-breathing gave me pause that he might not be getting the full benefit.  We encouraged him to breath in through his nose and out through his mouth as much as possible.  It wasn’t long before I noticed that his breathing began to deepen.  Gradually but perceptibly, color started to return to his cheeks and forehead.  His wife and I watched him very closely, although her emotional involvement may have kept her from observing the subtle changes I was beginning to notice – at one point she said she wasn’t seeing much difference.

Only after he said he needed to use the toilet and propelled himself on a rolling chair to the bathroom (locomotion had been drastically limited for several days at this point) did she acknowledge there had been an obvious and undeniable turnaround — and she gave me a big hug and said “You saved his life!”  He came out of the bathroom saying he wanted to go to bed and proceeded to head up the stairs by himself.  Knowing his weakened condition, I was concerned he might fall and I encouraged his wife, momentarily frozen in disbelief by this drastic change in his, to accompany him in case he got wobbly.

Once she got him into bed, she asked to have him connected to the HydroGenie again.  As he continued breathing with the nasal cannula, his improvement was such that we actually felt comfortable asking the housekeeper to keep an eye on him while we went to get some supplies.   As you might expect, we called the house several times while we were out, and we learned that he was not only doing well, he had gotten himself out of bed to use the bathroom again, and when he returned he had the presence of mind to re-install the nasal cannula himself!

Upon our return the color and tone of his skin – face, chest and body – was markedly better and very “pink”, his extremities were warm and he was quite lucid…even gave his wife a kiss. He was able to drink 8 oz. of soup broth, the first nourishment he had taken since I arrived.

By now his wife wanted to know if he could leave the HydroGenie on all night.  I saw no reason why not, as long as she would be sleeping by his side.

Nothing in the medical literature advises against breathing this gas for prolonged periods, and, in fact, actually argues that more is better.  In medical studies conducted by doctors in Asia, Molecular Hydrogen seems to be one of those rare applications that fit the expression “more is better!”  Knowing that he would be monitored by an MD, I could see no reason to curtail what was clearly not harming him.  At that point, he had been inhaling Molecular Hydrogen for a good 8.5 hours almost continuously.

A wonderful thing happened that day.  And thanks to a relatively unknown (in the United States) technology, this man was no longer at death’s door — he was thriving.

End notes:

The HydroGenie gave the opportunity to CONFIDENTLY offer assistance knowing that it would help  in some way, because, as stated in the NIH article by Dr. Ohta (“Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine: Potential of Molecular Hydrogen for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications“), ALL disease and disease conditions of the human body are accompanied by, and have involvement with OXIDATIVE STRESS (whether it is chronic or acute) – and the gas that is created by the HydroGenie® (Brown’s Gas), has been shown in lab testing and human studies to help to relieve that stress.  Lessening the acute oxidative stress on the body allows the body to concentrate on getting better, rather than fighting an extra, unnecessary battle.

Regrettably, this man has since passed away.  A few days after this event took place, he needed to be taken to the hospital.  And, although legally allowed to continue the care that he was accustomed to having while at home, he was not allowed to use the HydroGenie ever again.  He lived another 6 months, after he received help from the HydroGenie, but we will never know if he could have lived longer with access to this wonderful device and technology.  It is our sincere belief, as well as he wife’s, that it would have aided him through the massive complications that eventually led to his death.